Ryan Institute GIS Centre signed MoUs with 7 Chinese institutions

Zhang_MOU_PekingUniversity_small Zhang_MOU_PekingUniversity2_small

During his sabbatical leave, Dr. Chaosheng Zhang, head of Ryan Institute GIS Centre signed MoUs with 6 Chinese institutions. Together with the one signed with Peking University during SESEH 2012 (Sino-European Symposium on Environment and Health) conference hold in August 2012 in Galway, there are a total of 7 MoUs with China. The Ryan Institute GIS Centre was officially launched during SESEH 2012 conference, which promotes internal and external collaborations in broad disciplines, and supports the growth of any areas that have a demonstrable link with GIS within NUI Galway. Dr. Zhang received the prestigious University Fellowship from Hong Kong Baptist University, enabling him to visit Hong Kong for 5 months in the first half of 2013, and to travel to mainland China to sign these MoUs. The formal external links with China, including the Chinese top universities and top research institutes at Chinese Academy of Sciences, will be helpful to strengthen international collaborations of Ryan Institute GIS Centre.

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