Environment and Health

Priority Research Area Leader: Prof. Martin Cormican

Photo: Drinking water from tap Photo: Cigarette smoke Photo: Person on bike

We talk much more about disease than we talk about health.   What passes for discussion on health is mostly about the prevention of disease, the detection of disease and the treatment of disease.   An overwhelming preoccupation with disease is an expensive and inefficient way to pursue health.    Health is achieved and sustained through our interaction with the world around us – air, water and food, the people, the footpaths, the hurling pitches, night clubs and countryside.

Research within this area is organized into 4 main themes: Air Quality and Health; Water Quality, Sanitation and Health; Health from Environment and Public Policy; and Soil, Food and Health.

Out of the Environment and Health priority research area of the Ryan Institute, a new Centre for Health from Environment (CHE) is being established.  The Centre is an integral part of the Ryan Institute, who’s mission is to place sustaining health through environmental stewardship at the centre of public policy.