Air Quality & Pollution

Air Quality research and monitoring activities in C-CAPS covers indoor and outdoor air pollution, urban and regional-scale air quality, and air quality – climate interactions.  Regional air pollution is conduced at Mace Head where Particulate Matter mass and chemical composition is monitored along with ozone levels. Exhaust gas emissions are analyzed and simulated at the Combustion Chemistry Centre.

Monitoring and training consultancy services are provided by the Air Quality Technology Centre.


Photo: Miriam Byrne, Climate Change, Ryan Institute for Environment, Marine and Energy Dr. Miriam Byrne
School of Physics
Phone: (091) 49 3394; Email:
Research interests include assessment (through measurement and modeling) of human exposure to environmental and occupational airborne contaminants; including radioactive particles from nuclear accidents, tobacco smoke particles, vehicular emissions.
Photo: Marie Coggins, Climate Change, Ryan Institute for Environment, Marine and Energy Dr. Marie Coggins
School of Physics
Phone: (091) 49 5056; Email:
Research interests include measurement of environmental and occupational hazards. Currently working with the Pharmaceutical industry on the development of chemical control and containment designs.
Photo: Henry Curran, Climate Change, Ryan Institute for Environment, Marine and Energy Dr. Henry Curran
Director of the Combustion Chemistry Centre; and School of Chemistry
Phone: (091) 49 3856; Email:
Research interests include Combustion Modelling (developing complex chemical kinetic mechanisms for hydrocarbon and oxygenated fuels); Experimental (shock tube and rapid compression machine techniques applied to fuel oxidation research); Thermodynamics (using MOPAC and GAUSSIAN to perform semi-empirical and ab-initio molecular orbital calculations to estimate thermodynamic parameters.)
Photo: Dr. Ger Fleming, Ryan Institute for Environmental, Marine and Energy Research Dr. Gerard Fleming
Microbial Oceanography Research Unit, Microbiology
Phone: (091) 49 3562; Email:
Research interests include detection and enumeration of microbial and fungal bioaerosols in the environment.