International Conference on Recent Advances in Pollution Control and Prevention for the Livestock Farming Industry (RAPCP 2013)

Time: 25-26, October, 2013
Place: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China

The economic development, population growth and demand for a better quality of life have resulted in the growth of the livestock farming industry. This industry generates a large amount of wastewater and wastes. It is one of the largest agricultural pollution sources. In China, it contributes to 96%, 38% and 56% of chemical oxygen demand (COD), total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) of the agricultural industry, respectively. Thus, pollution control and prevention for the livestock farming industry is critical in China and will be of increasing importance for the sustainable development of this industry.

Great efforts have been made worldwide to facilitate pollution control and prevention for this industry. Innovative technologies for pollution control have emerged in recent years, in addition with advanced management measures. Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University Zhejiang is organizing an International Conference on Recent Advances in Pollution Control and Prevention for the Livestock Farming Industry in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China in 25-26, October, 2013.

Jiaxing City, located in Zhejiang Province, has a land area of 3,915 km2 and population of 3.37 million. It is famous for its beautiful network of rivers and lakes, and it is known as the fertile land of fish and rice and a land of silk. It is close to Shanghai and Hangzhou. It only takes 20 minutes to travel from Shanghai to Jiaxing by train. Animal farming is a major agricultural sector in Jiaxin, up to 33.8% of the gross agricultural production. Pig farming is a traditional industry in Jiaxing. In 2010, the total amount of pigs raised were up to 7.7 million head with the breeding stock of 0.3 million head. Pig farming is highly intensive.

In Zhejiang Province, the livestock farming industry had an output of 54.6 billion Chinese Yuan ($ 9 billion) in 2011?equal to 21.6% of the gross agricultural production. Meat and egg production was increased by 23.3% and 36.7% in comparison with in 2006. The government of Zhejiang Province plans to build a sustainable livestock farming industry in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period (2011- 2015), with an output of up to 61 billion Chinese Yuan ($9.7 billion) at the end of this period. This presents a challenge for environmental pollution control and prevention within this industry. Therefore, to have such an international conference in Jiaxing will not only benefit the local government, academics and farmers through the sharing of international experiences and best practices, but will also benefit international academic and industrial communities through the provision of practical applications and case studies (not to mention the chance to explore and experience the natural beauty of the Zhejiang Province and the eastern pearl that is Shanghai!).

Conference themes
The topics covered in RAPCP2013 will include:
1. Policies and regulations on management of animal waste
2. Technologies for animal waste prevention
3. Pollution control technologies
4. Resource recovery technologies and practice
5. Greenhouse gas emission mitigation for livestock farming

Conference proceedings
All conference presentations will be included in conference proceedings. Papers selected from the conference proceedings will be published on Waste Management and Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A.

Important dates
• Abstract submission (2 page): Tuesday, 30 April, 2013
• Invitation of submission of full papers: Thursday, 30 May, 2013
• Submission of full paper: Saturday, 30 July, 2013

All submissions will be via email to:

Submission and queries are through:
Name: Mr. JinfeiLuo, Dr.Sulin Yu, Dr.Xinmin Zhan
Tel: (+86)0573-82582732
Fax: (+86)057382582727
Address: Department of Environment, Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang, Jiaxing, China
Postcode: 314006

Conference registration
Conference registration will start from Monday, 1 April, 2012.

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