Education & Outreach

Education activities include:

  • National project co-ordinator for the development of the PRTLI IV Environment Graduate Programme (EGP). The EGP is a structured PhD programme which aims to improve the quality of both the PhD experience and the resulting doctoral qualification.
  • Ongoing development of a taught Masters level course in the area of environmental science
  • Module faciliation for teacher training programmes such as the Brigit’s Garden Environmental Resource course and others with the Galway Education Centre
  • Training for researchers in areas such as project management and schools outreach.

includes programmes and events targeted at a variety of audiences:


  • A number of standard 1 to 1 1/2 hour workshops
  • A multi-generational environmental education project on the subject of habitat investigation called the Teen Eco-Leadership Project
  • Key partner in the Baboró BEAST project, which brings together scientists, artists, and schools to work on sustainability issues.
  • Visits to primary schools for subjects not represented by the pre-set workshops are facilitated on an ad-hoc basis


  • “Science Experience” tours – working with other research institutes on campus we provide a full-day visit to second-level school groups to some of NUI Galway’s leading science and engineering research laboratories
  • A 10-week Environmental Peer Education Training Course for Transition Year students developed as part of the TEL Project
  • Visits to secondary school classrooms by Ryan Institute researchers are facilitated on an ad-hoc basis

Third Level:

  • Research networking days
  • Internal “THREESIS” seminar series for ALL staff (academic, administrative, and technical) and students
  • Development of a mentorship programme with St. Angela’s College in Co. Sligo
  • Communications and Outreach training


  • Regular seminars on topics of national and global interest.  We host talks not only by NUIG leading researchers, but also by figures of national and international prominence including the Science Writer Mary Mulvihill, the late Brendan McWilliams (long time Irish Times meteorologist), Climate Change advisor to the Obama Government Dr. Dan Schrag, and leading sustainability author and campaigner Mr. Tony Juniper (recorded lectures available on our visiting speakers page).
  • Work closely will local community organizations and NGOs to organize and/or support environment initiatives such as the annual Beachwatch litter pick-up event
  • Annual institute “open days”
  • Dedicated involvement in community events such as the Galway Science and Technology Festival, the Volvo Ocean Race, World Ocean’s Day at the Aquarium, and more.


  • Annual institute “open days” and research networking events
  • Support for industry events with display stands, informations, and talks
  • Members of various industry/research networks including GREEN (Galway Renewable Energy Enterprise Network) and the Galway 2040 Campaign.