Photo: Marine Research Banner

Oceans offer opportunities for sustainable economic development but human activities are threatening marine ecosystems and sustainable maritime activities.  The EU has taken up this challenge by establishing an integrated maritime policy which emphasises a “European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research”. The research aims are to improve the understanding and the predictive capacity of marine ecosystems’ response to a combination of natural and anthropogenic factors, while fostering innovations to make the most of sea resources.  The Ryan Institute’s mission for Marine research is aligned with these broad aims.

Marine research within the Ryan Institute runs through almost all of the Thematic Priority Research Areas.  Our researchers come together to work on projects including (but not exclusive to):

  • SmartBay: SmartBay Galway is a national research infrastructure project for in-situ, real time oceanographic monitoring.  The project comprises a network of buoys, seafloor cables and other infrastructure, which support a range of sensors and communication technologies. The Ryan Institute leads NUI Galway’s R & D programme in the Galway Bay-based SmartBay along with academic partners from DCU, UCD and NUIM, and the Marine Institute, IBM and Intel.
  • Griffith Geoscience Project:  This is a €3.1M, multi-disciplinary study concerned with (i) understanding ocean hydrodynamics coupled with seabed processes (biogeochemistry, sediment transport, benthic habitats) and (ii) hydrogeochemistry of groundwater zones on the west coast of Ireland.
  • CoralFISH: CoralFISH is a Large-Scale Integrating Project, funded by the EU under the 7 th Framework Programme.  The project assesses the interaction between corals, fish and fisheries, in order to develop monitoring and predictive modelling tools for ecosystem based management in the deep waters of Europe and beyond.

The Ryan Institute leads marine biodiscovery, marine functional food and aquaculture programmes with academic partners in UCC, UCD, TCD and QUB.  Our Carna Research Station provides a practical platform for bioresource research, with a suite of modern equipment and instrumentation and a dedicated team of expert staff and researchers.

For more information on Marine research at the Ryan Institute, please consult the Research section of the website.  Key pages for this research include Marine and Coastal Processes, Biodiversity and Bioresources, EnergyEnvironmental Technologies, and Modelling and Observation.